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Virtual Membership

Physical church attendance is not always possible. There are many reasons that may prevent a person from being able to join a local church. Our desire is to provide church membership for people who are in those positions.
Not everyone is blessed with a family. John 3:16 Christian Center is a church where you will feel like family! Even if you cannot physically be at weekly service, we want you to be apart of them through virtual membership. You will receive weekly links to our services where you can join us live stream for both Sunday and Thursday services.
You can even take our membership class virtually and make your membership official. You, our digital church family are an important part of John 3:16 Christian Center and we want to be there for you. Send us your prayer requests and keep us posted on the exciting things happening in your life by calling our church office or sending us an email. We are so blessed by the growing number of virtual members and we pray God ministers to you through these services! Also, check out our accredited Bible College at affordable rates and we even offer payment plans. You can take these classes online either for grades and degree or simply take on an audit basis to learn without the requirements needed for graded students.

Some examples of reasons for Virtual Membership:

1. Those that are home-bound.

2. Those that live very far away due to moving and have not yet found a home church.

3. College students who are away at school but want to continue to be able to hear service and the Word of God on a weekly basis. 

4. Truck drivers... These men and women are on the road for days at a time. Many time these men and women are living on the road and rarely get to stay at home for long periods of time.

5. Individuals serving in our US Military.

6. Those recovering from surgery or procedures that require home or medical care stay. (This will be available until they are able to return to services regularly.)

I want to be a virtual member

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