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John 3:16 C.C. Children's Ministry

We desire to provide your children with a safe and exciting environment where the uncompromised Word of God, age appropriate curriculums, and well trained teachers created a fun and exciting atmosphere conducive to growth and development in your child’s personal walk with the Lord.

Our Sunday School program includes: 

Nursery: (Birth to 2 Years of Age)

    A volunteer worker is available to assist you. Parents / Guardians can enjoy the comforts of home while safety cribs, toys, changing station and closed- circuit television of our live service are available for you convenience.

Preschool: (2-5 Years of Age)

     In our preschool classes, your child will learn the Bible Story Time, age appropriate Bible Songs and even simple memory verses with our letter of the month. By the time your child “graduates” to our Juniors class they will have had the opportunity to memorize 27 scriptures!
     Each week your child will learn the Word of God and also enjoy active play in our room filled with safe, age appropriate toys. Snacks are also provided for your child. If your child has any food allergies or restrictions we are happy to comply with your requests and adhere to any measure to provide the safety for all children when it comes to snacks.
     On your child’s 5th Birthday, they will receive a “graduation certificate” promoting them to their new classroom. You can join them as they move up to their new class. They will be given a tour of their new classroom and introduced to their new friends and teachers.   

Juniors: (5-12 years of Age)

     In our Juniors Classroom, each child will learn not just Bible Stories, but application of the lessons into their personal lives as they mature in their relationship with God.
     Weekly lessons may include art projects, memory verses, word puzzles, games and take home materials. They will learn memory verses, The Books of the Bible and more!
     Juniors and Teens are invited to join the adults for Praise and Worship in the main sanctuary. Students are then dismissed to their classrooms following the offering song in the sanctuary.
     Although our children take an active part in Praise and Worship with their family, we additionally encourage classroom songs. Don’t be surprised if you find your child singing along to one of their favorites!
     We have Super Sunday Events especially for holidays. These class sessions are dedicated to teaching your child about the holiday preparations based on the Word of God as well as fun games, prizes, classroom parties and more!
     It’s not uncommon for Rev. Maria or Rev. Mike to walk through those classrooms unannounced ready to hand out a little prize for kids answering questions to their teacher's lessons or when they hear a teacher say a particular child has done exceptionally well or showed the love of God in a special way in class that day!
     Just like our Preschool, Turning 13 is a special time. Your Teen will be presented with a certificate and introduced to their new Teen Class.   

Young Adults/College Students

     When a teen is getting ready to go off to college or begin their adult lives we believe it is even more important to maintain a connection with their church family.
We offer Online Service connections for your young adult where they can watch services live stream right from their Dorm Room.
We also encourage our young men and women 18+ to join in all the activities in our Main Sanctuary.
Teens are also encouraged to enroll in our Accredited Bible College where classes are transferable to the college of choice.


The Word of God is vital to your child’s growth and development in the things of the Lord. We encourage your child to bring their Bible to class with them each week.

If your child does not have a Bible we are happy to give your child one for FREE! We even have Bibles for your Preschooler that gives colorful pictures for them to enjoy.

We encourage you to set time each day to either read with your child or pic a scripture to discuss. Fun ways to share the Word with your child can include dropping a little note with a special scripture you picked out just for them into their bookbag or left on their dresser when they wake up. These little things done will leave BIG impacts on their lives.

Proverbs 22:6 King James Version (KJV)

6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


Each year we hold our Bible College Graduation in June. At that time we believe it is very important to honor the children / teens who have completed great accomplishments.

If your child is graduating from a local Kindergarten or High school they have the opportunity to participate in our graduation as well. They can complete the application & wear their school cap & gown and march along in procession with our Bible School Graduates. They will be given a special certificate and recognition of their accomplishments and if they intend to go off to school or staring a new chapter in their lives, we are happy to bring them up and have the Pastors pray a special blessing over them.

Homeschool / Online Students:

If your child is a homeschool or online student we desire to recognize them as well. They may complete the same application and participate in commencement exercises for Kindergarten or High School.

For all students:

 if your teen has been given an award or special merit that you would like announced you can include that in the application so we can all share in their excitement.


    In a world where the safety of our children is priceless. Our church has a policy which states any volunteer teaching, assisting or having any contact with children must adhere to our “child-protection policy”.

    This policy includes implementing risk management classes to all our volunteer workers, as well as performing background checks on each person. The cost of this background check is paid in FULL by John 3:16 Christian Center and at no cost to the volunteer.

In addition to this check, the applicant for volunteer must submit an application and several forms of personal reference.

    Our classrooms as monitored by video for all services and events by a member of our safety team.

    If you have a custody situation / concern, please share that with us when completing your child’s registration form. You can also speak with us at any time to update these requests. Your child’s safety is very important to us, therefore your children 12 and under will only be dismissed from class to the person who brought them in or to someone you have notified is able to pick up your child. Teens 13 and older are allowed to leave when service is dismissed, however, if there is a custody issue you have we are happy to maintain a teacher in the room with your teen until you arrive.

    Finally, allergies / Medical Issues for your child / teen. If they are currently dealing with allergies or medical issues we would like to ensure their safety. Please indicate anything we need to be aware of on their registration form and update them accordingly. Please know that if you indicate your child has a food allergy, and you have not notified us in writing they have grown out of this issue, they will for safety reasons not be permitted to eat that item without written consent from you the parent or guardian. If your child has a medical issue that requires medication, the volunteers are NOT permitted to administer medications to your child. Please feel free to come to the class and assist your child personally.


    These men and women are excited about bringing the Word of God to your child. It is a lot of fun to be a part of our Children’s Ministry Team. If you would like to become part of the team, please speak directly with Rev. Maria Doreo, Church Administrator and she will be happy to explain the process in detail and get you an application!

    You never know how the life of the child you are teaching will be affected!

Just think…. Someone was a Sunday School Teacher for many great men and women of faith…. YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM!